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Pleated Insect Screen

Pleated insect screen system provide a perfect solution for screening Double door , Single Door sliding systems large openings wide with high frequency of use area.The unique wire tension system keeps mesh tight and allows entry and exit with minimum effort. These special polyester screens give you greater flexibility of indoor climate control with natural ventilation and brightness up your space by allowing natural light. The special guide provided handle section of the system, function like shock absorbers giving the system smooth movement and adjusting the screen in the case height variations. These guides also help in keeping the handle in position.

  • Ideal for Big sliding windows, doors, folding French windows.
  • Occupies very less space (only 22mm) for installation.
  • Safe for children.
  • Can be operated both inside & outside.
  • Special Cords for resistance against high wind.
  • Magnet Locking for durable and carefree operation.
  • Comes in 22mm & 29 mm series.
  • Max height 10ft and width upto 32 feet
  • Rollers with bearings for smooth and hassle free operation.
  • Special Polyester Mesh – Anti-dust and waterproof.
  • Bottom Guides – 25mm and 40mm.